The latest technology Multi Axis CNC Mill Turn Centres have little or no limitation when it comes to machining your components. Quite often, however, they are supplied with the most basic workholder. Let us enhance your machine tool by supplying the latest workholding technology to match.

We can supply the correct Power Chuck for your needs from all the worlds leading manufacturers – if your requirement is High Gripping forces, Quick Change Jaws, Low Pressure clamping for Thin Walled parts, Multiple Jaws even single jaws – We have the answer!

Conversely, even standard Two Axis Machines can be greatly enhanced by changing the standard chuck. Imagine the savings in down time if you didn’t have to rebore soft jaws at every changeover – again we can provide a solution – without new investment in special top tooling.

Please contact us with your requirements for new Power Chucks for new applications, Replacements, or Spare parts and refurbishment of existing units.


How many times do you change Chuck Jaws each day?
2, 3, more? If so you are wasting valuable production time by changing and re-boring jaws.

Our research shows that the average time to change a set of chuck jaws on a conventional power chuck is 23 minutes – 3 changes a day and that is over 1 hour machining time wasted!

The Pratt Burnerd High Speed Quick Change Chuck
reduces your change time to under 1 minute. We can also deliver and install the chuck to your turning centre ready to accept all your existing Jaws! Beleive it or not this chuck doubles as a Collet Chuck with a range of quick change pads. Click above for more data, and call for an onsite demonstration and justification.


A full range of large chucks are available from a number of leading manufacturers. We can supply based on your requirements – providing the best fit solution for your needs – be it based on technical specification, lead time, or price. 3 Jaw Self Centering and 4 Jaw Independent derivatives, as well as Combination chucks are our speciality.Our range also includes Faceplates and Jaw Boxes, plus of course, a full range of spares and machine adaptors to suit. For details of a small part of our vast range click here