Driven by customer requirements over two decades, the Rocksteady Manual Steadyrest has become renown globally. With a simple yet robust modular design across three derivatives, there is a Rocksteady to suit your Machine Tool and application.

Rocksteady utilises a robust Square Finger design in a modular housing. This ensures strong load bearing, and coupled with high quality NUTR Track Roller Bearings, higher surface speeds at the steady diameter. Simple, robust and very effective. A library of successful adaptations to Slant and Flat bed CNC and Conventional Machines means that it is likely we have covered your bases already – if not – the modular design means that we can design, manufacture, and deliver in super-quick time

Options include Cantilever Rear Arm, XHD Roller Fingers, Central Lubrication Systems, and Drag and Drop tow brackets. Ask for more information!

We are also able to offer Work Supports using the same format design – these can be used in VMC applications where the workpiece is supported using a Rotary Table, Fixture and or Tailstock.

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For those looking for a medium duty option in terms of Steadyrest Capacity, look no further than Rocksteady Mini. With a range of 20-300mm Rocksteady mini is suited to Small to mid-size CNC Slant Bed Lathes, and most Flat Bed and Teach Type machines such as XYZ, Colchester Harrison etc.


Rocksteady Mini can be adapted to most applications, and can offer a considerable cost saving if you are considering a retro fit of a Hydraulic Steady, but cannot quite justify the cost

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